Types of toasted and charred wood


Toasted or Charred

We offer wood that is either toasted or charred.  Charred wood has a charcoal layer on the outside due to the high heat. This char layer is typically found in bourbon barrels and has been called bourbon char. The charring process adds different flavors because the wood underneath the char starts with being heavily toasted to lighter toast the further away from the char layer. White oak is the wood that is made into bourbon barrels so we offer white oak in bourbon char while we offer toasted wood in other types. Some woods can be used either charred or toasted and can be specially ordered that way. Please contact us for your toasting and charring needs.

Fruit woods

Fruit woods are some of the toasted wood types we offer. While they do not add the same kind of flavor as just adding fruit, there is some connection between the fruit of the tree and the type of flavor that is extracted from them. Cherry wood adds a faint cherry flavor, Mulberry adds a cognac brandy fruit flavor and apple seems to add sour apple taste. We offer:

  • Toasted Apple wood
  • Toasted cherry wood
  • Toasted mulberry wood

Sweet woods

Some woods definitely add subtle sweetness to the liquor that they are added to. This is a far cry from adding syrup to something as it won't dilute the proof level of the liquor or spirit and it won't make everything taste overly sweet. Our sweet woods are:

  • Toasted sugar maple wood
  • toasted yellow birch wood
  • toasted white ash wood

Oak wood

We carry 2 types of oak in stock for flavoring liquor. The first type is white oak in bourbon char. This is the type of oak seen in a bourbon barrel.  We also offer toasted French Oak which is typically found in red wine barrels from France. French Oak has different tannin levels and we offer it in a medium plus toast.

  • White oak (bourbon char)
  • French oak (toasted oak)