Aging without oak barrels


Bring craft flavor to "well" spirits

Because you can use small amounts of liquor, the minimum amount of liquor to test something is just a single bottle. You don't need to have a large investment to try out aging something. A single flavor pack of wood staves starts at $6.00. If you have a particular spirit that is not moving very well, you can turn it into a special "house aged" product.

Unique flavors

Buying oak barrels will just flavor with oak. There are no barrels with exotic woods like sugar maple, mulberry, cherry, or yellow birch.

Multiple batches in small space

Unlike a barrel, mason jars take up no more room than conventional bottles and are dishwasher safe. You can run multiple batches of liquor in different jars each with its own unique flavor and base liquor.

Flavor complexity

You can get 2-3 uses out of each wood   "stave" allowing you to transfer flavor at will. Imagine using maple sticks previously used for flavoring rum to add crafty flavors to bourbon.

Speedier than barrels

Mason jars with wood staves inside have more surface area to volume allowing more contact with liquor than a barrel. A mason jar can also withstand high room temperatures so storing them in a hot room with no air conditioning will actually make them extract flavor more quickly than a barrel. Contact us for more information